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Original JMD HANDY BABY V8.0 English/Spanish CBAY Auto Key Programmer for 4D/ID46/ID48/G Chip Car Key Copy Clone Machine

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Language: English/Spanish

Due to the battery problem, we cannot ship the product via EMS now. Please choose other shipping ways(ePacket, DHL, China Post, etc), Thank you :)
3 color (red, grey and blue) will be sent at random
1) If you need G chip Function, please choose the option "with G chip Function", and send SN and PASSWOARD to us after you get it, so we will activate it for you.
2) This Device can't work together with CN1 or CN2 Chip, need to work with specially designed Handy Baby 4C/4D Chip and Handy Baby ID46 Chip
3) Update Free Online on Official Website
4) We are sure Fo-rd (80bit) which made in China can be copied, but we are not sure Fo-rd in all the countries can be copied, so it may decode fail. Locksmiths from Europe success in copying For-d( 80bit)
New software V8.0 is coming:
(Users can download update in Official website)
1) Able to simulate 46 chip
2) Able to identify 47 (Hitag 3) empty chip, read/write on single password mode.
3) Able to identify 47 (Hitag 3) chip A/G key
4) Add more key chip subdivision (Hi-tag AES, Hitag Pro,etc.)
5) Able to generate 46 chips for Su-zuki, CHANG-HE (Support generating original 46 chips)
6) Able to generate Ho-nda 47 (Hi-tag 3) chip
7) Able to copy V-W 4 48 chips (need JMD Baby Assistant Adapter)
Software V7.0 functions:
1) Able to simulate the 4D chip including 4D60/61/62/63/64/65/67/68 /6A/6B/71/60+/ 63+/ 72G
2) Read more types of transponder
3) Able to generate for G-M ID46;
4) Fix the known bug;
5) Able to process the immo data:
Great Wall transportation 46 immo, Gee-ly transportation 46 immo, Che-ry transportation 46 immo, Hai-ma transportation 46 immo,Chong-qing Ji-cheng 4D immo, D-ell-p-hi 48 immo, Sie-mens 46 immo, Lian-chuang 46 immo, Al-to 46, Roe-we, M-G, and other security data processing
1. Transponders copy : 46/4D/4C/64/13/12/11/33/42(online)
2. ID48 copy: vi-ce ID48(changeable uid), dell-phi immo box, part of V-W, Fia-t, Au-di, Vol-vo, Hon-da etc.
3. DST80 copy: To-yota 72G(online), For-d 4D83(online), Huny-dai/K-ia 4D70
4. Chip transfer: 4D60/60+ transfer to 4D63/83 cars
5. Transponder simulation
6. Read/write: 46/48/4D/4D+/8A
7.Transponders reading: 11/12/13/33/40/41/42/44/46/47/48/60/60+/61/62/63/63+/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70/71/72G/73/8A/49 and smart keys etc.
8. Chip generate: 60/61/62/63/64/65/67/68/6A/6B/71/60+/63+/72G etc.
9. Chip generate: different format data of ID46
10. Frequency and modulation mode test(remote)
11. ECU signal/data stream of ID46/key type (all lost) detect
12. Update online
Key Copy Programmer Recognize and Copy:
Recognize: Recognize chip 13, 40/41/42/44/45, 4C/46/48, 4D61/62/63/67/68/68﹢/71. Able to tell if 48 chip is from original or deputy factory.
Copy: Copy 46, 4D and a partial of original 48 I.E Bui-ck Excell-e, you have to use special GMT46/4D Chips, ID48 chips which can change ID.
Operation steps:
Turn on: long press the "On" button. 
Turn off: long press the "On / off" button or "On / off" and "OK" button
Steps to operate: follow the tips on the screen, put the original key into the coil, press "OK" to recognize.
For Example:
1).Steps to copy 46: 
1. Press "OK" to decode
2. Make antenna close to coil
3. Insert and turn the key (collection) 
4. Put original key into coil to decode
5. Put new key into coil to copy
2) Steps to copy 4D: 
Press "OK" to decode, then put new key into coil to copy.
3).Steps to copy 48:
Press "OK" to decode, then put new key into coil to copy.
Handy Baby Key Copy Programmer Initialize: 
Please use with caution: only available for JMD46 / 4D and revisable UID48 chip. The data won’t be restored after the chip erased. 
Enter program, select the chip type, press "OK" to restore to factory settings. 
Handy Baby Key Copy Programmer Test Frequency:
Steps to test the key remote frequency: Enter program, make key close to the surface of left button, meanwhile press remote button, then the frequency will display. 
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